New home care reforms give customers greater choice

Government support for providing elderly community care is shifting towards a consumer-directed model.

Significant changes to the delivery of home care are being implemented in two stages, the Department of Health explains. These reforms will give consumers greater choice and more flexibility in tailoring their care to their circumstances.

From 27 February 2017 Government funding for home care packages will allow the person receiving the service to direct payment to the provider of their choice. They will also be able to switch providers if they wish, including if they move to a new location. Access to home care will be consistent across Australia, no matter where the consumer lives.


Tips for finding the right service providers

  • Seek out appropriate support from service organisations which can help you coordinate packages that match your needs.
  • Shop around to find the right supplier who best suits your practical and financial situation. The reforms to accessing services are intended to open the market to competition, driving prices down and enabling greater choice.
  • Be patient, persistent and open minded – the right help may come from an unexpected source.


HCF’s home care service

More at Home offers a comprehensive home care package. We are NDIA and Aged Care approved, and our services range from help or specialist care in the home to supportive therapies including:

  • respite care
  • domestic assistance
  • shopping
  • day to day activities
  • social support to enable interaction outside of the home.
  • occupational therapy
  • physio
  • speech
  • clinical care such as medication and wound care
  • return home from hospital holistic care
  • gardening and lawn mowing
  • personal care
  • dietary and nutritional support, all provided in the user’s own home.


More at Home, available throughout Sydney, offers tailored plans to suit your personal needs and includes regular carers, allowing an ongoing and trusted relationship. Our services are designed to help delay the transition of people in need of support from their own homes to residential care.


For more information on More at Home call 1300 550 124 or email

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